Forum links and other ways to know who you’re voting for …

Mason County Auditor’s Elections Page:

Mason County Voters’ Guide:

League of Women Voters questionnaire:

Questions asked:

  1. What do you see as the most pressing environmental issue in Shelton?
  2. How can you balance development with sustainability?
  3. How do you see making your city more livable for seniors and the disabled?
  4. How do you see bringing more living wage jobs to your city?
  5. What is your experience in preparing and administering a budget?

Candidate Conversations with Jeff Slakey  (This link is to Marilyn’s conversation with Jeff):—running-for-the-th-seat-on/youtube_e7151872-fd4b-11e7-afd7-43fa7a17b43c.html

Find all of the Candidate  Conversations with Jeff here:

Forum sponsored by the Shelton-Mason County Chamber of Commerce, January 17, 2018

Questions asked of candidates for position #5:

  1. A number of our commercial buildings require improvements to meet current codes in order to be leased or rented. Unfortunately, rehabilitation costs often far exceed what the real estate market will bear and it simply doesn’t pencil for someone to take on this project. Do you believe the city has a role in redeeming this problem? Why or why not?
  2. One of the stated advantages of a 7-member commission is that the format will allow for subcommittees to work on specific projects with the staff. Assuming subcommittees are related to public safety, public works, and finance, which committee would you most likely be a part of and what are a few of the goals which you’d like to work on. What other areas are of particular interest to you.